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Favourite Things Of 2022

As it’s the end of the year I thought I’d run through a selection of my favourite toys and toy-related releases of the past 12 months!

1 – Action Man is back!

This one was a real surprise and seemingly released with very little fanfare or press but Action Man returned to action again this year after a brief hiatus with an new body and new outfits. My personal favourite is the Cadet Officer (sadly sold out at the moment) as it reminds me of the 1970s and 1980s Action Soldier with his green jumper and beret. I just wish the basic assortment had included a weapon. The new body is a vast improvement on the “t-rex” body of the 2019 releases and includes “hands that really grip” once again. Hopefully blue pants and “Eagle Eyes” will make a come back too but we did hear that accessory packs may be released in the future!

Action Man Officer Cadet action figure

2 – Roboskulls are back!

Another great surprise was the launch of a Kickstarter in 2021 by SKELETRON which is bringing the Roboskull MKII in to production. They had another surprise in store this year when they announced their Assassin Skeledrones were shipping 6 months early. I got my pack today and they are fantastic! Basically they’re the head of a Skeletron on a weird spider like body and they look incredible. There’s still time to pre-order your Skeledrones or a Roboskull MKII.

Assassin Skeledrones action figures.

3 – Total Action Force Vol. 2

Brian Hickey and Paddy Lennon released Total Action Force Vol. 2 this year and just like the original Total Action Force it is beautiful. Full of amazing photos and fascinating interviews about the G.I. Joe years of the Action Force franchise. If you missed out on Volume 1 then check out Paddy and Brian’s Kickstarter for the soft-cover edition.

Total Action Force Vol. 2

4 – Rad Plastic

Technically I think I got this bodacious book in 2021 but if I did it was just before New Year so it kind of counts for this year, right? Anyway, Rad Plastic is a coffee table book about the original Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, from concept to execution. The definitive history of the heroes in a half shell in toy form. It’s a great read and full of amazing concept sketches, behind the scenes photos and interviews.

Rad Plastic

5 – Bob Ross

This one is not strictly a toy but it is one of my favourite gifts, my talking Bob Ross bobblehead. It never fails to make me smile when I press the button and hear Bob’s words of wisdom, or something about squirrels…

I know it’s a short list but I did miss out on a few things this year such as the Action Force 40th Anniversary exhibition in Coalville and it’s related Kickstarter. What were your favourite toy related things of 2022? Let us know in the comments!