Legends of Batman – Riddler – Complete


Legends of Batman Riddler action figure complete with accessories.

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Legends of Batman Riddler action figure complete with accessories and backing card.

Excellent condition. Comes with Firing Question Mark Launcher and missile.

“A longtime menace to Gotham City, Edward Nigma, a.k.a. The Riddler, gets his devious kicks by challenging Batman to puzzling mind games. But now the game has changed – arch-villain Bane has injected the Riddler with the drug Venom, giving him super-strength and a mean new edge. The fate of Gotham City’s population now rests in Batman’s ability to solve The Riddler’s latest puzzle, while at the same time battling this newly-created monster who’s armed with a weapon that fires question mark ammo. It’s an all-out battle of brains and brawn!”

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