GI Joe The Action Force VHS Tape – 4 Episodes


GI Joe The Action Force VHS Tape containing 4 episodes of the cartoon.

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Once Upon A Joe

When an orphange is accidentally damaged during a battle, Shipwreck and other members from the Action Force volunteer to help repair it. While doing so, Shipwreck is dragged into telling the children a fairy tale… a typically cockeyed Shipwreck extravaganza!

Cold Slither

The Action Force team raids Cobra’s secret vault and thus nearly bankrupts the evil organisation. In a desperate attempt to keep Cobra functioning and solvent, Cobra Commander disguises Zartan and Dreadnoks as a heavy metal band called “Cold Slither” and turns them loose as Pied Pipers on America’s Youth.

The Pit of Vipers

“Watchdog” is the ultimate military computer, purchased by the Pentagon to wipe out terrorism – and especially the operations of Cobra – the world over. The only problem is, the computer my be a double agent.

The Invaders

The Joes join forces with their Soviet counterparts – a Russion special missions team known as “The October Guard” – to save the world from what seems to be an invasion from outer space. But there’s more (or possibly less) to this flying saucer threat than meets the eye.

Running time 91 mins.

1991 Sunbow cartoon.

I have not tested this tape so do not know what the quality is like.

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