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New site, new ways to pay!

The eagle-eyed regular visitors to our site may have noticed the site’s had a slight face-lift lately. We’ve moved the site away from Magento 2, our long-time software of choice to a new platform. This will enable us to grow the site more, give us more control over the site’s layout and content and more importantly offers some new features and a better shopping experience to you, our loyal customers.

You will now be able to pay securely by credit or debit card directly on our site, without having to log in to PayPal. We are still offering PayPal as a payment option though and both methods are now more secure than before (not that they weren’t secure before, they’re just more secure now). The site software is also regularly updated, unlike the previous software, so we’re on top of any cyber threats that might emerge and your data is safer from prying eyes.

The site also offers us the chance to add blog posts easier than before so we can keep you up to date with new developments better, show off our new products such as the 3D prints we have in the works and we hope to highlight the great work some of you customisers do too.

We’re also looking to add some useful guides to the site, repair guides and how-to guides, collecting guides and more.

The site is still under construction a little bit as we tweak the layout and shopping experience so do please bear with us if you spot any technical glitches and please do let us know.