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How Does The Pre-Order Process Work?

How Does The Pre-Order Process Work?

Step 1: Our Supplier(s) offer the products to us

Once the toy manufacturers release the product information to their distributors (or direct to us in some cases) we can list the products for pre-order. Sometimes the product has an embargo on it meaning we can’t offer the products to you yet but we can place our order with the manufacturer / supplier. We are told what month the product is expected to arrived but this is subject to change without notice.

Step 2: We put the products up for pre-order on the website

Once we know our supplier(s) will be offering us the products we put them on the site for you to pre-order. Previously we used a deposit scheme (which we will now refer to as “legacy pre-orders”) whereas we now take full payment up front.

Step 3: Based on these initial pre-orders we place our order with our supplier(s)

Generally speaking the quicker we can place the order with our supplier(s) means we are more likely to be amongst the first to recieve the products. However in some circumstances the toy manufacturer may not have produced enough units to meet the initial demand. In these cases it can mean an additional wait of several months whilst the toy manufacturers produce more of the items and ship them on a slow boat from the Far East (usually China, Vietnam or Taiwan) to UK or US ports. Unfortunately we only know if we have missed out on the first delivery once it has arrived at the suppliers and they have filled their orders.

Step 4: The product arrives at the supplier(s)

We get a notification from the supplier(s) that the items are in stock and we are invoiced for the goods, usually within 24 hours. The goods are shipped to us usually within 48 hours once payment has been made.

In some situations we may get partial shipments of items. This usually happens when the product is popular and/or the supplier(s) have under ordered.

In some instances we can see a product is in stock before we are invoiced but we cannot see the quantity available. To speed up the dispatch of our legacy pre-orders we send out an email saying “Your product has arrived at our suppliers and should be with us in 7 -10 days. Please log in to your account and pay the balance on your order.” Very rarely it then transpires that our supplier(s) do not have enough stock to fill the whole order and we get a partial delivery. Unfortunately this can sometimes mean an extended wait for some customers.

At this point we send out emails asking for the balance payment on any items that are due to arrive. This is for legacy pre-orders only.

Step 5: We ship the items to you!

Once the products arrive we box them up and send them out to you.

You said the item would be in stock on X month but I haven’t recieved my item yet. What gives?

We are given an estimated month of arrival. That date is subject to change as the arrival date can be affected by factory problems, transportation problems (weather, dock strikes, ship crew not turning up, national holidays in any of the several countries your product will visit on it’s journey). We aim to update the ETA when we can but sometimes we don’t know an item isn’t arriving in a particular month until the very end of the month.

The second scenario is detailed in Step 3 above, we missed the order cut-off window and your item will arrive in the next batch. This is usually the case when an item is due to arrive in the same month that you placed your order. For example if you ordered something with an ETA of August the chances are we placed our initial order 3 or 4 months earlier and we may not have ordered enough product to fill all the orders that have come in since the pre-order went up on the site.