Star Wars Black Series Update

Late last night we received an email from one of our suppliers about stock levels for Star Wars The Black Series 6 inch waves and it's not good news for those of you trying to get Darth Revan or Sabine Wren. Wave 9 which contained Darth Revan, Sabine, AT-AT Driver, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Snowtrooper is officially sold out at Hasbro. Whilst there are still plenty of solid cases of Kenobi and Leia around and the AT-AT Driver and Snowtrooper were repacked in Wave 13 there's no sign of Revan or Wren being repacked in the near future and solid cases of these figures were never produced.

The other news from the email was that Wave 12, the Force Friday II wave featuring Old Luke, Rey Jedi Training, Thrawn, Vader, Stormtrooper, Hera Syndulla and Kylo Ren is also sold out at Hasbro! Solid cases of Luke, Hera and Thrawn are also sold out or cancelled! Luke, Rey and Kylo are all repacked in the upcoming wave 14. Solid cases of Vader are still available but the Stormtrooper was never available. Surely such an evergreen figure and army builder should be permanently available?! Fortunately there are still cases of wave 12 in stock at some wholesalers and plenty of Thrawns and Heras available. However based on past performance of non saga figures I would not expect these figures to be repacked in any later waves.

The good news is our solid cases of the Black Series Imperial Royal Guard are finally on their way. Order yours now to avoid disappointment as these are also sold out by Hasbro.

I would also recommend pre-order Jaina Solo if you are at all interested in this figure as it might not be around for long!