10 Ultimate Guard Protective Blister Case S1 for Vintage Action Figures

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Protect your 3 3/4-inch action figure collection with the high quality protective case 'Blister Case S1' by Ultimate Guard.
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Protect your Star Wars 3 3/4-inch action figure collection with the high quality protective case ´Blister Case S1´ by Ultimate Guard.

The easy-to-handle two-piece case is made of eco-friendly PET and fits perfect for all standard blistered Kenner and Hasbro Star Wars figures since 1977. Although this case has been especially designed for the Star Wars series, many other blistered figure series will fit inside (see list further down). This case can protect blisters sized up to 155 x 230 x 58 mm.

The light, but sturdy Blister Case S1 has been designed by (and for) serious action figure collectors. The first eye-catching feature is the high clarity of the plastic (no bluish cast or anything similar, as seen on cases from other brands). This gives you the pleasure of viewing your figures without any impairment. Even the (also colorless) embossed logo on the back is wisely placed at the bottom, where it only covers the safety instructions on the back of the blister cards.

The standard hang tab and the virtually right-angled botton face allows you to choose between wall mounting or shelf display.

Product features:

  • 10 Ultimate Guard Protective Blister Cases
  • eco-friendly PET
  • no PVC, no toxins, acid free
  • highest clarity without any coloring (no blue cast)
  • no annoying embossings in the backside´s center area
  • upright shelf display thanks to the virtually right-angled bottom
  • outer dimensions: 170 mm W x 265 mm H x 68 mm D
  • inner dimensions (max. blister size): 155 mm W x 230 mm H x 58 mm D
  • material thickness: 0,6 mm (front side) / 0,4 mm (lid)
  • made in Europe

The Blister Case S1 can hold most figures from the following classic and current 3 3/4-inch action figures series:

  • Kenner
    • Star Wars
  • Hasbro
    • Star Wars Vintage Collection
    • Star Wars Power of the Force 2
    • Star Wars Episode 1
    • Star Wars Power of the Jedi
    • also some figures from Star Wars Saga Collection / Original Trilogy / 30th Anniversary / Legacy & Clone Wars 2009
    • GI Joe
    • Marvel Universe
    • X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    • X-Men Animated
    • Iron Man Animated
    • Spider-Man
    • Indiana Jones
  • Mattel
    • DC Infinite Heroes
    • DC Justice League Unlimited
    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Clash of the Titans
  • Mego
    • Buck Rogers and other Mego series
  • Palitoy
    • Action Force
    • Star Wars
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